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My Mission

“I can’t read” or I can’t understand what I am reading”. These are some statements I hear from students day in and day out. Difficulties like memorizing new words, reading and basic sentence structure of a foreign language. These issues made me think on how I could help pupils. That’s when I channeled my effort on writing reading comprehensions to suit most levels. After having a collection of them, I decided to put them together in this site.

To overcome the challenge of vocabulary memorization, I used the app ‘Wordwall’. Thanks to this app the learner memorizes the words in a fun way. Using this app, I thought it is important that my users will expose themselves to some words that they will encounter in the text, know its meaning, before they see it in the text. Thereby removing the blockage, they they may face with unknown words that might demotivate them. This app subconsciously supports vocabulary building.

Overworked parents unfortunately sometimes don’t necessarily have the time to check the children’s practice work.  These students do not get the timely feedback so that they can improve. Through my site, I hope to overcome this obstacle. A click of a button and the pupils will get the feedback on their work along with redoing the task until done correctly.
And now to tackle the most challenging issue – nonreaders. We have given a thought to their problem and used an app “Voice over Text”. This will help the user by reading the text, questions, optional answers – everything. The user can adjust the speed of the reading best suitable to them. Now, the user just needs to focus on the word heard, understand and decide the answers. Thereby giving an overall pleasant and encouraging experience.

My Force

I am working on myself, for myself, by myself. However, my inspiration has been my parents Mr. Judah Jacob & Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob who molded me to what I am today.

My (late) husband Eliezer Solomon has and even today in his absence will always be the pillar of my career. His inspiring ideas, his vision for my career on how to teach out of the box convinced me to go to great heights in India and Israel.  

Honestly, the credit of making this website goes to my son Akiv Solomon who gives me a third dimension to my thoughts. His unconditional support is inexpressible.

My daughter Aviva Solson, stands by me, helps me introspect my decisions and sometimes even knows my needs and how I could achieve them without me saying anything. This support can be felt not expressed.

Last not the least – My students. They have indirectly taught me to teach.

My Vision

Keeping the limelight on my students’ achievements, my goal is to write on topics that will give authentic information to the pupils. Topic that will encourage them to be better people and make the world a better place. I would like parents to encourage their children to learn independently and most importantly correctly.

I hope to add more topics like grammar exercises, writing strategies in the future.

My vision of education to all has led me to decide that a portion of my revenue from this site be used for education to the 3rd world countries because I strongly believe that “Education is the only tool for a better future”

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